FOR CLIFF HILLIS, LIFE, INDEED, HAS GOTTEN STRANGE Phoenixville’s Cliff Hillis drops new EP” - Eugene Zenyatta

Philly Weekly

The dependable greatness of Cliff Hillis provides another look at the socially distanced life with his usual breezy melodic style.” - Aaron Kupferberg

Power Popaholic

Cliff Hillis keeps it short and sweet with his topically titled but emotionally upbeat EP Life Gets Strange — showcasing today on Tinnitist.” - Darryl Sterdan

The Tinnitist

The undeniable sign of a great release? Repeat listens. I’ll bet that in the past two days, I’ve listened to this e.p. at least ten times. From the first verse of the opener, the rambling Let’s Pretend, to the fadeout of the pretty Alien Eyes, I was comfortably hooked.” - Dan Pavelich

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Cliff Hillis keeps releasing EPs. Cliff’s EPs are always very, very good. Grade: A” - John M. Borack


Always a reliable writer and performer, Cliff returns with arguably his finest release, an EP’s worth of pop songs that sing.” - Alan Haber

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Ladies and Gentlemen…Cliff Hillis! This isn’t the first time he has made it into Beatles Freak Reviews, but truth be told, he just keeps continuing to impress me every time he comes out with new music. ” - Jennifer Vanderslice

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Hillis is one of the finest contemporary American songwriters. This seven-song EP is everything we have come to expect from him: richly detailed slices of life and love set amid instantly compelling hooks and instrumentation. ”

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With his Love Not War EP, Cliff Hillis gives power pop fans one of the best power pop records of the year so far. Sure, it’s an EP of only 7 songs, but virtually every one is a gem.” - Richard Rossi

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His music is inspired by the past, but not stuck in it.Singer-songwriter Cliff Hillis and his wife, Beth Lennon, moved to Phoenixville 10 years ago from his native Delaware, lured by the town's old-timey charm and haunts like the Colonial Theatre and Vale Rio Diner.They're old souls, for sure: he the performer of retro rock 'n' roll with his band the Forward Thinkers, and she the author of an online blog called Retro Roadmap, which pinpoints vintage places to go and things to do across the country. ” - Don Botch

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 What was the biggest fun during the making of “love not war”? For me it was to actually play drums on a couple of my own songs. ” - Patrick Donders

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