Cliff Hillis

'Love Not War Stories' SONG FIVE

SONG FIVE- "Suicide Doors"

Here's yet another song that was inspired by a weekly songwriting group, this was actually written in the back of a car (with suicide doors, I might add) on the way home from a trip to Boston. Beth Lennon was driving & I was sprawled out in the back of our Honda Element, I wrote the song somewhere along I-95 in Connecticut, then made a quick demo on my laptop & emailed it in just before the weekly deadline via wifi from a New Jersey Turnpike service area.

The rhythm track was provided once again courtesy of the rock n roll hosts-with-the-most Greg Maragos & Patrick Berkery, recorded one evening in the hacienda basement between "The Buddha's Belly" and "Too Many Songs". I had been playing this song solo for a bit & it was inspiring to hear it with the band. We cut a few passes & got some solid stuff down. It was a while before I revisited the song & put some acoustic & electric guitars down. I wasn't sure what would happen in the solo section, but Greg put some cool organ and arp type synth in there that I really dug. I eventually put a reference slide part down & open stringy type solo that I ended up liking enough to keep.

I recall that for some reason I thought the vocal would be easy to cut on this one, and I kinda hated what I did on the first couple passes. I came back to it a week or so later & eventually knocked out what I felt was fairly solid. Funny how sometimes you can get it in one or two takes and sometimes it takes a bit more work!

Not too many other bells & whistles went on from there... got a mix together & sent to mastering & bam! Song five was done.